Grown with love on Vancouver Island
fair value and patient-sensitive advice

A perfect environment, evolving science and human sensitivity:

All are key to alternative medical marijuana treatment at Okanagan Medicinal Society. Cannabis is complex plant and every individual responds differently. Experience teaches us that quality of life is always a work in progress.

We support our members on their journey, with great products, extensive knowledge and true empathy.

OMS staff are among the pioneers of alternative medication counseling in Canada, standing behind – and standing up for — legal medical marijuana patients.

Today Canada’s medical marijuana laws empower physicians to write a prescription-style recommendation – empowering people to access medical marijuana for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Day-by-day it’s getting a little easier to find physicians who are ready to recommend alternatives and to access cannabis-based treatments.

We look forward to discussing your symptoms and concerns and to recommending the best products and flower strains to meet your needs. Ask about joining OMS today.

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